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Why People Come to us?

Smart Learning

Bringing bright futures to your children through Smart Learning

The Nurture Point Preschool, which also includes a Day Care and Activity Center, is based on the principles of experiential learning and overall holistic development for OUR children.

The word “nurture” is derived from the Latin word “norture” which means- “upbringing, the act or responsibility of rearing a child.”

The Nurture Point Preschool’s mission is to provide a high-quality learning experience and a holistic environment that is respectful and inclusive to build life-long learners.


A decade long experience


Partnered with S. Chand Group focusing on 360-degree development


Student-friendly, stimulating & hygienic environment


Enhancing higher-order thinking skills with the help of educational toys

SmartK by S Chand

What Parents Say About Our Founder-Principal