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Our Programs

Summer & Winter Camps

Vacations can become boring too!

For kids who meet and learn with their friends every day!

Our Summer and Winter camps are designed for children to come together and develop a sense of teamwork, learn life skills, and have fun!

-The Higher Order Thinking Skills (THOTS)

In this program, students develop their thinking skills through innovative methods, games, and processes based on observation, visualization, and attributes.

-Non-academic activities

Our activity centre is designed to provide a wide range of learning experiences that help improve speaking, communication, confidence, motor skills, and critical thinking skills in young children.

We believe that strong language skills are essential for success in school and in life, and we use a variety of activities and materials to help children improve their vocabulary and language skills. These activities might include reading and storytelling, singing and chanting, and engaging in conversation with peers and adults.

We also place a strong emphasis on building a child’s confidence and social skills. We believe that children who feel confident are more likely to participate and engage in learning experiences, and we use activities such as role-playing, dramatic play, and group games to help build confidence and social skills.