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About Us

About The Nurture Point Preschool

The smart way to build a bright future is through education

The Nurture Point Preschool, which also includes a Day Care and Activity Center, is based on the principles of experiential learning and overall holistic development for OUR children.

The word “nurture” is derived from the Latin word “norture” which means- “upbringing, the act or responsibility of rearing a child.”

Our Values

Our Vision

The Nurture Point Preschool is a place where kids grow in a stimulating learning atmosphere full of discovery, curiosity, and education to support the development of kids’ senses, personalities, practical skills, and intellectual abilities.
We want to be known as an industry leader for laying a solid foundation for a child’s overall growth.

Our Mission

The Nurture Point Preschool’s mission is to provide a high quality learning experience and a holistic environment that is respectful and inclusive to build life-long learners.

Our Approach

Children aged three to six are like tiny sponges.

They can absorb a lot more than you may think. As a parent, to provide your kids with the necessary life lessons, you should grab this opportunity.

Therefore, restricting a child’s education to books at this crucial stage is equivalent to giving a developing plant insufficient nutrients. Like a plant, you need the sun’s warmth, the nutrients in the soil, water, and personal attention for it to flourish. Such nuanced attention is also necessary for a child’s growth.

It is the reason at ‘The Nurture Point Preschool’, we provide:

  • The warmth of a student-friendly environment
  • The ideal teacher-student ratio to facilitate personal attention
  • The knowledge nutrients provided through experiential learning


Anisha Vashisht

Founder Principal

Meet Our Founder

“Learning is a lifelong process. Being able to learn, unlearn, and relearn is a skill that is necessary in today's quickly changing world. Learning through experience sticks with us for the rest of our lives.”

Our Founder Principal, Anisha Vashisht, brings in the expertise and experience required to lead an educational institute emphasizing early-age learning.

She has a decade-long experience teaching in prestigious schools, including Shiv Nadar School Gurugram, Lotus Valley International School Gurugram, and Manav Rachna International School Gurugram. She also holds degrees in M.Sc. and B.Sc. from Panjab University Chandigarh and is a certified CTET and B.Ed. professional.

Her knowledge, experience, and empathetic attitude enable her to relate to and understand the requirements of this age group.